July Meeting – Gary Eskin – Eskin Business Solutions
Posted - Jul 06, 2017

Gary Eskin, CBO at Eskin Business Solutions is this month’s featured speaker. Eskin Business Solutions achieves breakthroughs for business by identifying leadership, strategic HR, and corporate culture challenges and implementing and sustaining solutions. Mr. Eskin has a thorough background in risk management, and over 30 years of training experience.  

Eskin Business Solutions helps companies create, drive, and maintain high performing cultures, with a proven system that’s straightforward, practical, and easy to use. Most importantly, it simply works. This is done through the creation of fundamentals, adjusting our mindset, and understanding people.

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May Meeting – NBC-2 Meteorologist, Rob Duns
Posted - May 01, 2017

Rob Duns with NBC-2 will be our speaker for the May Meeting. Our presentation will focus on how hurricanes form, what they’re capable of doing, why Southwest Florida is prone to storm surge, analysis on the upcoming season, and information about evacuations and being prepared. Of course this impacts the safety profession as we are often at the forefront of emergency preparation, as well as communication to ensure that the company personnel are informed as to threats and procedures to stay safe.

Rob is the weekend evening meteorologist at NBC-2.  Before working in Florida, he worked for several years at the ABC affiliate in Wausau, Wisconsin.  He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, and broadcast meteorology certification from Mississippi State University. 

The fine folks at the Lee County Emergency Operations Center are gracious enough to host our Chapter, providing the perfect setting to get everyone familiar with the onset of hurricane season, and how to protect all personnel.

Technology Caused Distraction – Safety Issues and Solutions download now available
Posted - Mar 23, 2017

Thanks to our presenter, David Fender, for February’s meeting topic “Technology Caused Distraction – Safety Issues and Solutions”. A copy of the presentation is now available here.

Florida-Distracted-2016.pdf (67 downloads)

Session Description
Changing technology can have many results, both good and bad.  One area that is getting increasing attention is the effect of human distraction resulting from technology.  Much of this focus has been on distracted driving although the issue is broader than this.
This presentation will directly address the issues and will present an up-to-date summary of the research on distracted operation of vehicles and equipment focusing on but not limited to cell phone usage.  Pedestrian use of cell phones, use of radios, and what research shows about other common potential distractions will be covered.  The application to other than driving will be illustrated.  This presentation will define exactly what the problem is through research instead of personal opinion, fables and “common sense.”  We will explain not only the “what” of distraction but also the “why,” which is something that has been missing in much of the discussion.
After establishing what we know and don’t know based upon research, we will discuss the legal issues and a court cases involving employee distraction, on and off the job.  This will end with recommendations on what should be considered by safety professionals in reducing distraction-caused issues, whether it is about driving/cell phone use or industrial policy.

About the Speaker
David Fender was a Professor in the Department of Occupational Safety and Health at Murray State University for 21 years, where he was the MS On-line Program Coordinator. He retired in 2016 and is currently an adjunct professor for MSU.  He previously worked as a safety professional in industry and with the US Army. He has experience with a broad range of safety issues including playgrounds, day care centers, vehicles, industrial system safety, management and aviation. He has been an OSHA outreach trainer and consulted for industry.
He received a Bachelor Degree from Central Missouri University, Masters Degree from the University of Southern California and Doctorate from Vanderbilt University. He has published several articles in safety & health journals and has written chapters in text and reference books the latest being in the ASSE publication “The Safety Professionals Handbook” and in Professional Safety on the safety use of tablets.